Our Clients Past and Present

The following are clients we have helped either short term or ongoing.

They teach young people how to play golf and offer scholarship as well.

We have assisted Golden Tee for twenty years.  We update their web site as needed at no cost to them.  We print address labels as they need them, again at no cost to them. 

They overhaul jet engine bearings.

We started as the office manager, moved into customer service manager.  The company is currently fighting the corrupt FAA to obtain their certification again to work on aircraft engine bearings. 


We have now partnered with the owner to keep the business up and running by servicing turbine engine bearings.  We are also in assisting with the start of bearing manufacturing and test equipment manufacturing.

They sell diecast model cars, tin signs online and at car shows.  This is a husband and wife company brings their passion for cars to others.

We are one of the founders and handle all aspects of the business, this includes: online store, bookkeeping, promotion, just to name a few.

Previous Customers

This company creates and hosts web sites, install cameras and more.  They also own other small companies such as a sports memorabilia site.

We were the office manager, overseeing all aspects of the office.  Made sure customer needs were taken care of.  Assisted with the management of the sports memorabilia.

This is a restaurant in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.  The restaurant can be rented for events along with catering of these events.  There is a part that is open to the public for several hours, six days a week.

We assisted the owners with managing the restaurant and staff.  Worked with customers with planning and carrying out their event.  Created and updated menus for special events and catering events.  Updated and maintained Quickbooks, entered invoices, payments, and more.

Fundraising Activities

Here are some the community activities we are part of through our partner company, Ms Sally's Collectibles.